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Al Shorooq Dry Ice Manufacturing is the name to reckon with for your requirement of Dry Ice in UAE. Al Shorooq produce & supply quality dry ice (Blocks, Pellets & Pieces) in UAE in shortest possible time with competitive pricing. Our support is not only to assist with the cost benefits for the Customer, but also for the Safe Use of the Products by the Customer.

Why Al Shorooq?

Our business philosophy rests on three main points.

The Quality Product with no compromise; our raw material and the product are food grade and we promise to deliver the customer good quality product in their expected packing’s.
Cost is a major decisive authority in any Products and we assure you will get the Product at an affordable cost.
We offer 24 X 7 customer support and our delivery pattern assists you in getting the Product in the shortest possible time.


Al Shorooq Dry Ice Manufacturing LLC is the name to reckon with for your requirement of Dry Ice in UAE. Al Shorooq intention remains to produce & supply quality dry ice in UAE; in shortest possible time at a competitive Price. Our aim is not only to look at the cost benefits of the customer but also at the Safe Use of the Products by the Customer.


Product Safety

Customer Safety remains our first and foremost important concept and we are dedicated to give timely advice and instructions on time.

Competitive Price

Our Pricing towards the Product is very competitive within the market with no strain on the end user.


Our team is committed for 24 X 7 Support and we can deliver the Product to any location with short notice.

Shelf - Life

Our aim is for the Customers to use the Product for longest duration possible, increased Shelf-life by minimising the Sublimation Losses

Hygienic Products

We are committed to provide Hygienic Products to the Customers; both retail & commercial.

Product Weighment

The Product is just weighed prior to the delivery.

Our Products

3mm Dry Ice Pellet

Our 3mm dry ice pellets are the smallest size and can be...

16mm Dry Ice Pellet

Our 16mm dry ice pellets are the largest size...

dry ice 500Gm block
500gm Dry Ice Block

Our dry ice blocks of 500 grams are widely used ....

Safety Guidelines

Safety Guidelines

Do not handle dry ice with bare hands, It can casue frostbite.

Handle only with protective gloves or mitts.

Do not transport dry ice in the cab of a lorry or in the passenger compartment of a car.

Transport only in complete isolation from the driver.

Do not play games with dry ice, it is dangerous.

Keep dry ice away from children

Do not store or use dry ice in cellars or small unventilated rooms.

Use only with proper ventilation down to the floor.

Do not place dry ice in Hermetically Sealed containers.

Use only proper dry ice storage containers.

Dry Ice Application

Dry Ice Over Normal Ice

Dry Ice is Solid CO2 at a temperature of -78.5 ° C...

Consumer Applications

Camping: Dry ice can be your best cooling agent to...

Event Management

Events: Dry ice can be used to create fog for events ....

Commercial Applications

Airline Catering : Application of dry ice in Airline Catering...

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